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There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. Or so says Brisbane four-piece Millions. Thin Lizzy, songs about girls, glam rock – all these they define as ‘good’. Now they share yet another good thing: an exclusive debut of their brand new single, Nineteen. We hit them up for the story behind the song.
Your inspiration musically?
Around the time the song was recorded and written, we were delving into the world of Glam rock and other fuzzed-out sounds from the 1970s. From this era we took really thumping drums and bass, heavily distorted lead guitar riffs and lo-fi vocals and tried to do our own thing with it. Some people say it sounds like Thin Lizzy, which can't be a bad thing. Nineteen represents the next step in the development of our sound - heavier, more mature and sonically more interesting in terms of theactual sounds of our instruments and voices. But really we just wanted to write a song that was a shuffle, because shuffles are badass.
And lyrically?
Nineteen is simply an ode to superficiality and how you can short change yourself if you adopt that attitude for too long. Girls we know and the things they do feature heavily in this song, though they may not realise it straight away, so there's that entire other aspect to it as well. Thanks ladies.
And, tell us a little about the clip?
We were stoked to work with Michael Sloane who has done some of our favourite videos, including those of our friends in Last Dinosaurs. We feel Michael has captured the essence of the meaning of the song in a subtle and clever way, while making us look cool while wearing turtleneck skivvies. Not an easy task. Kudos to Michael and his team and enjoy the video!


Words Elle Glass



Published on Monday, October 08, 2012

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